Mother Goody

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  1. Harsh but fair.

  2. I got sick of hearing about her..A great piece,Well done!

  3. Completely misjudged. Whatsamatter? Jealous you ain’t dead from cancer and spent your dying weeks earning a legacy for the children you left behind? I don’t think anyone in the press has ever made Jade Goody out to be saint. She just used the media to provide a future for her sons, which shows she wasn’t as thick as people made out. But then I assume you are a middle-class twat, right? The Goody backlash is a class thing.

  4. Fucking hell Darren, you’re misjudged, I never thought of you as one to defend the hypocrisy of the tabloid circus and the build ‘em up, knock ‘em down, build ‘em up again machine. That’s what the image is about to me, the tabloid media’s santification of the talentless wonder and how indicative that is of the terrible state of our press and the people that read that shit.

    As for the press not making her out to be a saint, I think that’s your middle class sensibility leaking out because you don’t read the papers that lionise her. Too much self-loathing sometimes Darren and a desire to point the finger at middle-classness, which to you seems to the at the root of all evil.

  5. Neil:

    This is your best work yet. Stumbled across the St Mary’s one today. Nicely done. More! More!

  6. Niki:

    Loving it. Great picture because you do somehow ‘mother teresa’ her, and I never would have thought that possible before. Really great to see work out there that is provoking debate.

  7. terry:

    for whatever reasons, jade goody courted the media, especially post big brother and as such has became public property…i think the art work is good and not at all distasteful…well done…look forward to more….

  8. Ellie:


    next idea……?

    still in the theme of “Goody”

    … How about cancer cures racism?

  9. Bernie:

    I love these pictures of Jade!!
    The forum boards throughout the UK have gone into overload crucifying this girl,I think jealousy is a major factor here.
    Jade came from a very poor background and her childhood was horrific,then she went into Big Brother and realised she could make a future for herself and bless her she did.She milked it for all its worth and finally she got out of her poor life she was in.
    Yes she was thick,yes she was gobby,yes for a short while she was racist (her own addmission through ignorance)but without doubt this girl loved her children so very much and it was this love which gave her the strength to fight on and secure a future for her boys,much better than wallowing in her own self pity??
    May you have eternal peace Jade,the majority of people loved you,thanks for the memories sweetheartxx

  10. karlos:

    Mother Theresa

    MT was ultra-reactionary and fundamentalist even in orthodox Catholic terms. In 1996, she worked to create a ban on divorce and remarriage as part of Ireland’s state constitution (her side narrowly lost).

    MT was a friend of poverty, not a friend of the poor. She considered suffering a gift from God, noting that “the suffering of the poor is something very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by the nobility of this example of misery and suffering.” Hitchens notes that MT “spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.”

    MT was a friend to “the worst of the rich, taking misappropriated money from the atrocious Duvalier family in Haiti (whose rule she praised in return), praising the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha and accepting funds from Charles Keating of Lincoln Savings and Loan fame.”

    MT did not use the millions she collected to make improvements to the rundown, primitive hospice in Calcutta that was “rudimentary, unscientific and miles behind any modern conception of what medical science is supposed to do.” This impoverished image of the facility was key to MT’s fund-raising, but monies collected for this purpose were used instead to discourage birth control, abortion and sex education in undeveloped countries and to open 500 convents in 120 countries. However, when she got sick, MT preferred to be treated in modern clinics in California.

    MT is used by the Religious Right and fundamentalist Protestants as a poster girl for the right-to-life wing in America. She was used as the example of Christian idealism and family values, of all things, by Ralph Reed – the front man of the Pat Robertson forces. That’s a symptom of a wider problem Hitchens called “reverse ecumenicism,” an opportunist alliance between extreme Catholics and extreme Protestants.

    What do you think know – still a saint?

  11. Niki:

    I don’t think anyone’s trying to say Mother Teresa was a saint – well, except that she is officially in that she was beatified by the Roman Catholic church in 2003. I think this art is more about the way the press portrayed her, and the way they have Goody since she got ill. Jade Goody didn’t get positive coverage at all, really, not until she got cancer. The pictures are supposed to be ironic, and a statement about the way the world looks at celebrities, and how the media builds a black and white picture for us, which most people blindly respond to. Well, that was my take on them, anyway… Other people may have seen different things.

  12. is everyone jaded?:

    Despite dying from the big c being a very nasty way to go and also it being very sad that she has left young children behind- she was a pretty disgusting human being – talentless, stupid andopenly rascist.

    she showed no dignity in her last months, she pretty much died in public – basically on the cover of a magazine all for £££.

    Here is another classic example of the press see-sawing about in order to make money by selling papers-

    building her up and knocking her down -dumping on her for being rascist – then worshipping her when she fell ill- making her out to be some sort of beacon of hope to other women… all to sell more papers.

    And she made a mint of it her whole life- how grotesque.

    i think thats what the artwork represents in my mind.. the fact that saints used to be people that actually represented good in the world- not money and fame.

  13. lilo:

    As much as i like the graphic image….and all it is supposed to hint at, including fashionista urbansurban banksyite uk teen bullshit i find myself wondering more about british society.

    As much as this is a good example of its ilk, this lost its flava for me when i saw that it had been posted actually on the butresse of the st’ Marys church.

    come on mate…who ever slapped it…you aint gonna get any props for that, go hit the major spots…!

    As for its subject, its to easy to chat classwar, thickness (buffalo wings…etc) and all that intails…..however Jade did do something for society, in raising awareness of cervical cancer in under 24’s….and how fucked up the education systemm is in this country.

    Noone called out Terry Pratchet for his work on alzheimer’s…

  14. This comment thread is like the Jeremy Kyle show…

  15. What riles the intelligent people of the UK regardless of class (- and I am most definitely working class as is my partner…both born and raised and raised our kids through abject poverty on a series run down council estates. I’m now at last working in academia and making very good money – but my new partner has just left the council estate she was raised on -) is that Jade had DONE NOTHING and had ZERO talent accept being able to manipulate the media by sacrificing her privacy and self-respect to it. And morons think that is something worthwhile. Anyone who thinks that opinion is class based is out of touch with all classes. I mix with all classes. It’s more a generational thing than anything else. Many in the generation of current under 30’s have some strange sense of personal entitlement that is based on nothing other than reality TV, MTV and celebrity worship. That is what pisses intelligent and hard working people off. No one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the great British public masses!

  16. Excellent!!!

    Been feeling a bit jaded. Perked me up no end did this.

    Chill Darren. Jeez.

    DHG…The what? My wife has mentioned him which is immediately a worry…;-)

  17. A. Regular Reader:

    I see we now have a fourth Goody.

  18. The recent outpouring of tabloid ‘mournography, following the, admittedly sad, death of Jade Goody leads me to conclude that we are living in the final days of western civilisation. My thoughts are best encapsulated in this brief youtube clip –

  19. Ben Foster – It’s excellent Debt Monkey is a great site. Thanks for the link.

  20. Questionmarc – your services for free are needed again in Nottingham desperately:


  21. Hey Questionmarc I heard about your artwork on another Notts blog – NICE!!!!

  22. Bigfoz:

    To add my tuppenthworth: if Jade Goody had used her celebrity status and the media coverage she received to forward awareness is cervical cancer and not to just earn money for her kids, then all well and good. She did’t. Awareness was raised as a by-product of the media attention. Where’s the ‘Jade Goody Trust’ or the large donations to cancer research? The fact that she was a reprehensible human being doesn’t enter into it and I wouldn’t wish what she went through on anyone; it’s the short-sightedness selfishness of her final days that continues to annoy me.


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