Community Support Officers

Revised two days later with the addition of a sticker: an appropriate modification of Nottingham City Council’s latest slogan “We’re On Your Side”. Download the sticker artwork here.

We're on Your Case

Anti-Social Signs?

Low-tech sign modification.

10 Responses to “Anti-Social Signs?”

  1. One word – SUBLIME :-)

    Thank you

  2. We moaned about this signmongering quackery several weeks ago. See:

    And put your latest work up on our Bent Society blog today.

    Cheers ;-)


  3. Andrew.:

    scraping the barrel?

  4. Lovin’ yer work Molly : )

    Keep it real yo!

  5. bulcote cowboy:

    loving the work.. keep it up but keep it clean.. they are on your case

  6. councillor:

    Not Banksy, is it? Your book out in time for Christmas will never sell.

  7. Nice but i prefer your work off the signs.. Could get in bother with that one i reckon.

  8. Have you run out of steam and ideas?

  9. We’ve not heard from you in a while, Questionmarc. Hope you haven’t been caught!

  10. nottelevised:

    should of stuck a tache on them both

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