Not in Nottingham

You probably weren't aware that Nottingham is home to the UK headquarters of one of the world's largest arms manufacturers. The company is called Heckler and Koch and they are based at an unmarked warehouse on the Lenton industrial estate.

This poster was designed as a subliminal awareness raiser that the corrupt firm continue to operate from our city.

Download the high resolution artwork here.

14 Responses to “Not in Nottingham”

  1. I had no idea. I do now!!!

  2. me:

    nice posters keep it up, dont cover other grafffiti with them in the future (different 1 not in photo)

  3. qwerty:

    no way, i did not know anyone was postering in nottingham… i’ve only just started but its so fun. you’re doing great work! keep it up

  4. Barnze:

    Just up the road from the players factory,Who kills the most, Fags or guns?

  5. john:

    “This poster was designed as a subliminal awareness raiser that the corrupt firm continue to operate from our city.” … You must be from some mental institution..

  6. I’ve fired a few submachine guns here and there. Other than the Thompson .45, the HK MP5 9mm is probably the best of the lot. Tell you what, if HK leaves for across the pond, we’ll take ‘em here in the US – the firearms industry pays well, and we could use those jobs to take our unemployment rate down a tick or two.

  7. Ryo-Ohki:

    Lets have the roster endorse HK by sporting a G36 and then say this is to show how we hate HK so much

  8. MrSatyre:

    I’m sure the folks at HK are laughing into their tea cups over those silly posters and even sillier protesters. I know I would be!

  9. Russ:

    lol … what a waste of time…
    “the corrupt firm “… corrupt how?

  10. Bill:

    So let me get this right, you’re against gun makers but seem to have no problems with tobacco and alcohol? Yeah…

  11. kosherbacon:

    H & K, perfectly average weapons with massive mark-up to pay for teutonic elf magic premium, with proprietary everything because “you suck and we hate you, the end-user.”

  12. Johnie Johnson:

    Sure, send them over here to South Carolina in the US. We don’t mind if you guys keep disarming yourselves, skyrocketing crime, out of control riots, security cameras in your bedroom and have a more corrupt Orwellian government (which George Orwell warned you about) Enjoy the tofu, wage slavery and socialism!

    We’ll be happy to take HK and the rifles ^_^ (So we can fight the NWO later)

    Thanks for drinking the Koolaid!

  13. Quite ironic that the headquarters of one of the world’s largest arms manufacturers is located in the ‘supposed’ gun capital of the uk!


  1. SayUncle » Because you suck and we hate you

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