Urinate Here

Public Urination Headline

Top and bottom photographs by Jake Higgs.

Piss Artist

Public Urination signs appear accross Nottingham during Christmas 2008 accompanied by a letter from the council.
Listen to the story on Radio One Newsbeat
Read the story in the Evening Post

Lasted between six hours and seven days.

26 Responses to “Piss Artist”

  1. Lisa:

    Lol, i remember hearing about this on the news. The fact that people actually fell for it is even funnier!

  2. To quote the immortal Chris Needham; “I didn’t do it meself, but whoever it was…I’d be proud to know them, I think”

  3. Nick B.:

    it’s always been hard to find somewhere to P since they closed the slab square WCs and replaced them with that water feature.

  4. Kind of sums things up i reckon,The only place to piss nowdays is in a pub bog or that open area on St james’s street.

  5. Dr Inker:

    This is so funny, may u make your millions!! :-)

  6. cypriott:

    hilarious but makin a very valid point! nicely done questionmarc!!!!!!!

  7. jl:

    You made my day! Should you ever happen to be in Berlin – I owe you a beer or two :)

  8. It’s about time a street artist with something to actually say happens to be female.

    To quoteth the infamous ye ye, “get down girl, go ‘head, get down”

  9. neto:

    simple and inteligent
    grettings from peña blanca, Chile

  10. Really nice all your work.

  11. Is now urging the public to ignore the notices
    People should
    the city council said.
    these signs have been put up illegally, for whatever reason.
    “We would urge people to ignore them, otherwise they could find themselves inadvertently facing a prosecution.
    Nottingham City Council warned it was an offence to urinate in public.


    who is doing all the urging?

  12. Kyle:

    Brilliant! Much love from Seattle.

  13. cy:

    hey. there is a similar problem in lisboa. the city is build with a lot of tiny streets that are accessable over stairs. people take these stairs as public pee points, so most of the time when you have to use a stair, you will smell a very unpleasant yet distinct smell. thoughts have occured to place a pissouar-stencil to various stairs. ;)

  14. Those specific corners are indeed spaces for urination.
    Coño Questionmarc, you’ve just applied a bit more of common sense to that town!
    Big-Ups from Manhattan, NYC▬Peace!

  15. i blogged about you luv, showin the love from NYC all the way from Nottingham, Keep your message loud and clear… i LOVE IT!! lates…

  16. MerMaid:

    Majorly Brilliant.

  17. rita:

    Hi, i have a few questions i would like you to answer.l
    Do you have the chance of contact me through e-mail or something?

  18. slop:

    inspiring. you made my day. if you come to vancouver you’re welcome at my place anytime!

  19. Taking the Piss in Nottingham

    After dark,
    The drinks industry,
    Rules the City.

    And we fills us up
    With gallons of beer,
    Such a pity.

    Under the eyes of CCTV,
    Yellow cops seek us.
    With nowhere to pee.

  20. sushi:

    Absolutely love it

    Its just typical of Nottingham City Council to get rid of all of the public toilets in the city centre and then try and prosecute people when they get caught short.

    I think its fair to say that you would have a very good defence if you were to be prosecuted, not many pubs or restaurants I know of in Nottingham would let you nip in for a quick pee, so where else are you supposed to go? Its really horrible walking through some parts of town on a Sat/Sun morning because of the stench of piss everywhere but where the hell are people supposed to go?

    NCC collects vasts amounts of money in revenue from the city’s licensed premises, yet it provides no facilities for dealing with the resulting river of piss.

    Nottingham is a ‘fine’ city

  21. terry:

    very poignant……loved it…..would love a copy on my wall along with a jade/ mother teresa poster…..thank you…well done.

  22. Shush:

    Give it 200 years and an idiotic Catholic will call for Jade to be made into a Saint!

  23. Rob:

    Same problem here in Madrid, but people just don’t worry so much about using the side of a bin as a urinal!! Luckily, the streets are hosed down every night, but you learn pretty quick- if it hasn’t been raining, don’t tread in anything wet!!! :S

  24. muffin:

    i love that people peed under the one sign…you can see the wall is peed all over under the legal to pee on the white wall in the last pic


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