Pringles Man

Julius Pringles

Originally a canvas painting.

Once you pop

Once You Pop…

On a wall in Nottingham city centre.

Lasted four days.

17 Responses to “Once You Pop…”

  1. Where’s the building, struggling to place it?

  2. Mon:

    It’s on the end of maid marian way, one of the buildings by castle college.

  3. Saw this on the other day.Nice impact i reckon.

  4. I don’t get it – what does this have to do with Castle College?

  5. or anything for that matter? This is not an original piece and I’m struggling to see the link to anything?

  6. BigZee:

    Nottz Nottz, City of Shots. BRRRRRRAAAAP. Dope design!

  7. lunar madame:

    I saw this, i knew it was you!!! Ha ha fantastic im thrilled ive finally seen an original piece by you, keep them coming xx

  8. the moose:

    I like your style lets hope the Feral youth of our city and the clowns that run it take note

  9. you’re more likely to die just eatin the chips..clogged arteries and all yanno..:)

  10. Grez:

    May have that tattooed on me lol

  11. Luc:

    I’m from brazil
    I realy enjoy your sense of humor!


  12. timmie:

    for sale? shit, i’d love that in my living room.

  13. Joe:

    How was it done ? I mean someone standing there painting it must take a fair old while ?

  14. Nice. That’s xxl for a stencil painting.


  15. Robko:

    Keep up the good work. You’re an awesome inspiration.

  16. Quality!


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