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BBC Cunt Modification

Snow Censorship

This piece was broadcast to the world via the BBC Market Square Webcam. The images refresh every few minutes, however they take longer to update at night; so long in fact, they allegedly photoshopped out the offending word!

Lasted nine hours.

7 Responses to “Snow Censorship”

  1. Neil:

    Not sure if you’re claiming ownership of this or just reblogging it? Hmm not sure!

  2. If the BBC deleted the “C” word then how did you get the picture with the same time on it with the word deleted? You should have saved this one for April fools day Qmarc. I like the double-twist-protest on the BBC censorship though…still gets us thinking.

    And then what if the original “C” word image is a fraud? In that case you put the record straight.

    How will we ever know?

    I like it.

  3. Visit the Bent Society Blog to try to get to the truth behind this. (story is here: )…

  4. Higgs:

    Bent Society, after a little research I may be able to add light to your skepticism. The BBC DID apparently censor the image (there are discussions about this on various pages across the internet). At 10 o’clock the Market Square webcam goes offline and whatever was on the screen at that time freezes on their site until 8 in the morning. The image wasn’t censored until later on that night so was displayed “accurately” for an hour or so before someone clocked it at the beeb.

    However the same image WAS displayed all night on the Nottingham Council website which was NOT censored. So effectively the BBC are lying.

    The two webcam urls are here -they both display the same pictures (unless the bbc decide to modify theirs of course):

  5. Higgs

    Many thanks for this. I’ve added your very helpful research as a postscript to the original blog post.


  6. Whoever it was it was a touch of genius.

  7. Hahaa mint, but who’s clint? :P

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