New World Order?

Should’ve Gone to Specsavers

14 Responses to “Should’ve Gone to Specsavers”

  1. DivX:

    I might be looking into this too much but if it represents what I think it does it is deep

  2. Johnny Bosnia:

    questionmarc is my idol.

  3. ClarkNova:

    Trying to work out where this SpecSavers is. Obvioulsy Nottingham, but where?

  4. the illuminati are gonna get u

  5. urban fox:

    i don’t get it.

    are you saying specsavers are part of the illuminati?

    or something else?

  6. I bet you its saying the illuminati should have gone to specsavers (to get their eyes tested) coz their deluded agenda is too big and complicated to ever be successfully pulled off. Search 4 the troooof! Fuck the reptiles.

  7. DivX:

    “truthseeker” – I think YOU need to go to Specsavers mate. Reptiles? Give me a fuckin break. You’ve been watching too much David Icke.

  8. this dude is dope.

    As for the meaning. I take it as an ironic jab at relentless marketing – the all seeing eye has, historically, a spiritual sense to it. ‘God’ or whatever, doesn’t escape being the target of advertising. it’s like god made the world in 7 days but could have been more productive if he used Vista. It’s always shite when you try explaining these kinds of things….

  9. ODWM:

    I have an idea for a really good piece but have no art skills whatsoever. I dont know if you can see my email adress in this. I had to put it down box above. If you can see it, drop me an email and i will send you a picture of my idea with a brief…

  10. I believe the Great Architect of the Universe swears by ‘em..;-)

  11. The all seeing eye a bit out of focus..Nice 1.

  12. Fuck the new world order: the bilderberg group, trilateral commission, codex alimentarius, skull and bones and obama! Google any of the above and learn the truth. Oh yeah, and fuck specsavers too, I get my lenses from vision express.

  13. hey, how u doing? just come across your work, loving it, trying to do the same thing but in yorkshire. there does’nt seem to be any street paper artists up here, or at least in the small towns. keep up the good work xx

  14. heather:

    Truthseeker..your a bit late, they are in complete control already..and I mean the illuminati not specsavers.

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