Where's Wally

Where’s Robin?

Lasted five days.

24 Responses to “Where’s Robin?”

  1. Nick:

    Its good to see someone asking the question about what is meant to be our hertiage of the area.

  2. Dan:

    it’s a good point that you are making but it also highlights how little attraction there is in this city when its main pull appears to be some guy that lived in the woods and did a bit of TWOC’ing!

  3. Daz:

    You are a criminal and I look forward to your arrest.

  4. Martin:

    Just not clever, funny or artistic really. The public urination stuff was good. Made a point, was funny and didn’t cause any damage. This does none of those things

  5. Rickys:

    Its about time Nottingham forgot about Robin Hood who never really existed and concentrated on its real history

  6. lunar madame:

    I think its interesting how your breaking us in to your thinking Questionmarc! Im feeling a Bansky feel from your work and im interested in bigger and better things to come…..

  7. Andy:

    I recently upset one of the tour guides at the castle by saying openly that Robin Hood didn’t exist, the horror in her eyes as she imagined all that tourist income floating away.

    Disagree with your issue with the castle tho, it has plenty of real history behind it, especially with the not very populist antics of the 4th Duke of Newcastle in parliamentary reform debates and the subsequent ransacking of the place. And of course go down into the tunnels and it son gets proper old again.

    But Nottingham should make more of its real history rather than made up bollocks.

    Mind how you go and watch out for the rozzers ;-D

  8. Nice work,Perhaps you can do a piece for me eh? I am suportive of local artists.

  9. Interested:

    Nottingham has so much History, its just a case of looking for it! Open your eyes people! I think youll be suprised to discover what lies beneath and before us.

  10. DemoodAkiva:


  11. lunar madame:

    Id like to talk to questionmarc if you want to contact me you have my email i want to know more but wont tell a soul and i had a suggestion for an amazing piece of nighttime art while the world sleeps to astonish the world, ps on evening post website someone has revealed this domain being regestered to a molly marcelle jsut saying beware people can catch up with anon people quite quick, hope this is incorrect or a diversion ploy!! Keep up the good work!!

  12. Like it!!! Like it!!! Like it!!! More please! Lot’s and lot’s more!!!

  13. robin bobins:

    Maybe you should do a piece featuring robin hood pissing on some pringles? That would capture every piece, the whole shabang!……..x

  14. BASSETT:

    Interesting ideas, verging on political graffiti. I like to do peices on the worlds enviromentall situation, dicredting companies/organistaions Oil Bank Of Scotland ect. I think slagging off robin hood is a bit narrow minded maybe, he is an old image of nottingham and harmless. PEACE X

  15. Fingers:

    Fantastic – absolutely love it! More of the same please, I can’t wait!!!!!

  16. Lisa:

    It’s just clicked! – It’s a play on the character from the Where’s Wally books. http://www.walkerbooks.com.au/statics/dyn/1196910816567.jpeg

  17. JACKAL:


  18. Excellent – keep up the great work. We need you. Actually, I’d love to feature your art on our blog. If you could email us jpeg file of your wonderful signs and pictures we will do a post on them and link back here.

    Robin Hood :-)

  19. Robin Hood:

    How dare you dscredit my name!

  20. Im with rubin hood, was my fault I was from down saff!

  21. Norman:

    Good stuff – I’ve just moved to Notts and there’s a notable absence of street art, so it was good to spot this and the poem on my way to work

  22. Mon:

    I thought I’d seen that. I wondered where the hell it went to?! Do more please :D

  23. terry:

    i for one love to see tasteful silhouette art……keep it up!

  24. embee:

    Brilliant. Particularly liked the ‘Mother Goody’ one and the far more truthful interpretation of our local community ‘protection’ officers. Maybe you should have a look at those f***ing fearmongering British Transport Police ‘A Bomb Won’t Go Off Here…’ posters too.

    Great work mate…keep it up!

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