Women at Work

Women at Work

Lasted fifteen minutes.

8 Responses to “Women at Work”

  1. Very nice…any chance of some of these on Forest Road?

  2. love your work they are very good seen a few about in notts then found you on woostercollective i live in leicester you shud come do some down here, keep up the good work .

  3. Do the patrons like it – has it increased membership I wonder?

  4. Andy:

    Only 15 minutes? Bummer, glad you took a pic.

    Take care buddy ;-D

  5. I never thought I’d have the urge to shag a shadow ;-)

    Very nice one mate

  6. Why the tool in her hand? I just don’t get it..Perhaps it’s just me eh!

  7. Tony:

    A symbol of changing times maybe? I like it. Watch out for the cops!

  8. terry:

    as a plumber i could do with a ‘mate’ like that………what a pleasure going to work!

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